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Upgraded Moonpay Limit Increases and Rand Debits!

Home Blog Easy Crypto News Upgraded Moonpay Limit Increases and Rand Debits!

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Since we launched in 2019, Easy Crypto SA customers have been asking for Moonpay to charge in Rands and not USD. Thanks to your support, we’re stoked to let you know that we’ve now implemented Rand charges in our Moonpay payment option! 🥳

  • This means your debit or credit card will be debited in Rands and not USD converted to Rands. 🙂
  • Moonpay has also increased their limits – right in time for before the halving!
  • We’re also in the process of testing our code for instant EFT deposits, and hope to have this live next week. 

If you don’t already see our Moonpay update on your side – head down to the bottom of the Easy Crypto SA website and click ‘Update to new version‘.

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