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How to start with Bitcoin in Australia

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Is it Easy to Start with Bitcoin in Australia?

It’s 2020 and Bitcoin is easier than ever to purchase in Australia. 🦘
You can easily grab what you need and start your crypto journey in no time at all.

To get started, you will first need a place to store your Bitcoin (BTC). If you are unfamiliar with Bitcoin wallets take a look at our Australian Crypto Wallet Guide.

If you are new to Bitcoin wallets – think of a Bitcoin wallet as an online bank account for your Bitcoin. Just be sure to take precautions as you are now essentially your own bank, so it is your full responsibility to store and safeguards your digital assets.

The good news is that Bitcoin wallets are incredibly easy to set up – so don’t stress, kick back and follow our guide to learn how to get started in the exciting world of Bitcoin. 😎

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How to buy Bitcoin in Australia

To buy Bitcoin in Australia, you need to sign up with a reputable Bitcoin exchange or Bitcoin Brokerage.

Exchanges are great for the ‘day trader’ but let’s keep it simple. For someone just entering the scene we just need a simple path without any unnecessary stress.

Taking this into consideration, when buying Bitcoin we highly recommend using the friendly locals at Easy Crypto Australia.

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How to buy Bitcoin in Australia with Easy Crypto

Simply go to and create a free account, and within minutes you’ll be all green to buy Bitcoin and get your Bitcoin adventure underway! ₿

Crypto Revolution! : btc

Need more convincing? … Maybe you’ve tried your luck googling “buy bitcoin Australia” or “buy Crypto Australia”, and you’ve been overwhelmed by the search results. Perhaps it all seems too hard and you’re starting to think you just might not bother. No one would blame you. The world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency is an intimidating ether. To start with, the nature of the technology behind the currency mining process is complex to understand.

Equally, the somewhat “cloak and dagger” beginnings of bitcoin, with its infamous inventor Satoshi Nakamoto and his white paper explaining how bitcoin works, as well as bitcoin’s association with the Dark Web and now-defunct Silk Road, could understandably turn off the more conservative of potential investors. But such concerns are unfounded. As will be described, the process to buy crypto Australia can be straightforward with the help of those with know-how.

That’s all it takes for you to enter the world of cryptocurrency. Sure, from afar, if you listen to mainstream media that dissuade you from purchasing Bitcoin, you might have some reservations about the security and cost of entering the crypto market. However, with the help of an exchange provider like Easy Crypto Australia, the process is smart, simple and safe. Make your bitcoin adventure fun and exciting, just as it should be.

Buy Bitcoin Australia, 100% safe, Australia

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