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Easy Crypto x Mine Digital Strategic Partnership

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Easy Crypto x Mine Digital Strategic Partnership

With the continual growth and integration of cryptocurrencies in New Zealand, it’s only natural for our team at Easy Crypto to adapt and expand our reach. Therefore, it is our pleasure to announce the Easy Crypto Mine Digital partnership, which is one of the leading entities in digital asset exchanges and brokerage firms.

Mine Digital, with their diverse knowledge and expertise in traditional financial marketing techniques, aims to move forward by embracing the emerging technologies of the blockchain networks and the versatility of cryptocurrencies.

Our CEO, Janine Granger has this to say about our new partnership:

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Mine Digital to bring our customers a world-class crypto exchange, with global liquidity. Access to NZD-BTC trading and same-day deposits and withdrawals from an international exchange is a big step forward for crypto investors in New Zealand.”

Janine Granger, CEO of Easy Crypto

The collaboration between Easy Crypto and Mine Digital will open up new investment opportunities for both parties. For Mine Digital, this means they will now be accepting an NZD on-ramp, as well as the pairing of NZD and BTC on their exchange. On the other hand, what this means for Easy Crypto is that we’ll be able to offer Kiwis full exchange trading on NZD pairs with the flexibility of international liquidity. 

If you haven’t already, watch the interview between Janine Granger (CEO of Easy Crypto) and Grant Colthup (CEO of Mine Digital) as they discuss the future of cryptocurrency and their strategic partnership.

With this partnership, both our teams are looking forward to explore even more pairings and listings in the future. When you’re ready to start exchange trading with NZD, sign-up with Easy Crypto today!

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