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Easy Crypto has Officially Launched in South Africa!

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Headed up by the mighty Lloyd Brown, our crypto expert with a background in international trade and finance, Easy Crypto SA aims to become South Africa’s easiest, cheapest and fastest way to buy and sell digital assets like Bitcoin.

With a population of 56.7 million people (with 11 million unbanked), ECSA is laser-focused on providing South Africans with the ability to easily buy and sell crypto, and access a financial system that is totally independent to any other. Easy Crypto NZ wishes EC South Africa the absolute best of luck with driving cryptocurrency adoption in Africa.

…and we’re just getting started!

We want to take our mission of making crypto easy and accessible for everyday people to places where folks don’t have fast, cheap access to cryptocurrencies.

Know a place like that? Know someone who might want to spin up Easy Crypto in their country? Get in touch and let us know!

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