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Taxoshi – New Zealand’s Tax Calculator

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Cryptocurrency Tax in New Zealand

In New Zealand, just like any other activity that you do to make a profit (such as running a business, trading stocks, or setting up a lemonade stand) you need to pay income tax on the profits you make – including the gains on your cryptocurrency assets. 💪

Working out those profits might not be as straightforward as you think though! If you buy and sell through Easy Crypto, we’ll help with that – every trade you make will be added to your customised portfolio tracker.

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However, if you are trading on other sites, or spending your crypto on a cryptocurrency debit card things can get pretty complicated!

Well, have no fear! Luckily New Zealand has a service which makes calculating and filing your crypto tax as fast and easy as it should be – Taxoshi! 🥰

Taxoshi – NZ’s Crypto Tax Caluclator

Founded by the mighty Craig MacGregor, co-founder of Navcoin and a legend in the NZ Crypto scene – Taxoshi is a homegrown tax calculation service that makes it easy for you to meet your NZ Crypto tax obligations

With the end of tax year coming up on the 7th of July next month, Taxoshi’s automated systems can help you calculate your total profits and losses, and advise you personally on how you can meet your tax obligations based on your crypto trading history.

Whether you’re just dabbing crypto, a full fledged trader or you run a complex crypto mining farm, Taxoshi can help you with everything crypto tax at an affordable price in Aotearoa. 

It’s a streamlined process – to get your Taxoshi report all you need to do is simply upload your trading history and mining addresses and you’re set!

If you’re already tracking your crypto tax through Easy Crypto’s Portfolio Tracker – you can easily export your order history, upload it to Taxoshi and you’re all green, Taxoshi will take care of the rest. 😎

Feel free to check out Taxoshi, or for more information on your tax obligations in New Zealand, check out our kiwi cryptocurrency tax guide here. 👈

And if you want more personalised advice, we can recommend the team at Cryptocurrency Tax here in NZ.

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