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As the crypto industry is growing fast, it becomes difficult to track what is happening on multiple websites. At the moment, users would need to visit multiple websites to keep up with the important events happening in the world of cryptocurrency, such as tracking the price of coins on a price aggregator, and then heading over to Twitter to see the latest headlines on crypto. 

Amsterdam-based startup Coinbench focuses on easing this process by enabling users to read from multiple sources, save news, following official cryptocurrency updates, and track their portfolio all in one page. 

Latest crypto news and price tracking in one place

With Coinbench, users are able to select from 400+ sources to read the latest news and official updates from crypto companies. Additionally, they also support live price tracking for over 2000+ cryptocurrencies. This collective information on a single dashboard makes keeping track of the latest news on crypto a simple and easy process. 

The journey on Coinbench starts by selecting your preferred sources and coins. As sources appear in the middle section, selected coins appear on the “My Coins” section on the sidebar. 

The next step is to select coins for tracking prices on the homepage. Coinbench uses the CoinGecko API to provide accurate price data for their users.

Customize your homepage design 

Coinbench enables users to choose the design interview that responds best to their needs. 

Apart from dark and light mode, users can select from three different layouts (journal view – card view – title only view) to customize their homepage.

This level of customization allows users to tailor their dashboard to suit their personal preferences, and consume only the most necessary information. 

Shown above are the two different views available to customize your homepage. The Card View on the left and the Title Only View on the right, both available in either white or black to suit your preference.

Track official updates and social updates on widgets

Apart from reading news and tracking live prices, Coinbench also aggregates updates from Twitter and Reddit from your selected sources on the sidebar widget. 

As shown in the left column, users are able to stay up-to-date on social media updates so they don’t miss out on the latest happenings.

Coinbench can also track the official blogs from their chosen sources and display them on the homepage, shown above on the right column.

Follow Easy Crypto on Coinbench

Easy Crypto has partnered up with Coinbench to deliver the latest news for our audiences who are active users of their site. Find Easy Crypto on the “exchanges” section of Coinbench. 

Add Easy Crypto to your homepage by going to the My Sources section to catch the latest updates delivered to your dashboard. 

With that said, Coinbench makes it easy for you to stay up-to-date with the latest news, insights, and headlines on all things crypto. 

You can start your personalized crypto journey by visiting Coinbench and follow Easy Crypto to read the latest updates directly on your homepage. 

Also, sign-up to our newsletter below for the latest insights and information on all things crypto delivered to your inbox! And don’t forget to explore more topics and learn something new on our learn page at Easy Crypto.

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