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Can you Trust Easy Crypto NZ? – New Zealand Cryptocurrency Review

Home Blog Cryptocurrency News Can you Trust Easy Crypto NZ? – New Zealand Cryptocurrency Review

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Easy Crypto NZ takes pride in being the best place to buy bitcoin in New Zealand for the best price, without any hidden catches. Your trust is also hugely important to us. We, therefore, take several steps to be as transparent as possible when it comes to buying or selling cryptocurrency.

We’ve been providing a secure service for Kiwis to Buy and Sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency since December 2017, and we’ve collected over 190 5-star reviews on our Trustpilot.

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Why Trust Easy Crypto?

Trust and transparency is a major concern in the cryptocurrency industry. Coins like Bitcoin represent high-value investments. When buying or selling you, therefore, need to be able to do so with complete confidence.

Sadly, cryptocurrency scams abound online. Neither does a day go by without some overseas exchanges freezing user assets for less than transparent reasons.

At Easy Crypto NZ, we help you buy and sell cryptocurrency in total confidence. This is thanks to the fact that we are local, never store coins on our servers, and are always on hand to offer support to Kiwis who use our exchange.

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Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

When you buy Bitcoin on other exchanges, coins are usually made available in exchange wallets. Most exchanges will then encourage you to continue storing the private keys for any cryptocurrency you own with them.

Sadly, storing cryptocurrency on exchanges puts coins you own at significant risk.

  • Hackers who gain access to exchanges can steal coins you own.
  • Exchanges can decide to freeze user accounts and confiscate coins at will.
  • If an exchange gets into financial difficulty, users can lose access to deposits.
  • It is common newbies make mistakes when depositing or withdrawing crypto which can often render funds unrecoverable.

The dangers of storing coins on exchanges are why people in the cryptocurrency community often use the phrase “not your keys, not your coins.”

At Easy Crypto, we know how dangerous it can be storing coins like Bitcoin in exchange wallets. This is why we never do this.

Easy Crypto 100% funds safety guarantee New Zealand

The Easy Crypto 100% Fund and Coin Safety Guarantee

Why you can trust Easy Crypto to never lose, freeze, or confiscate crypto cryptocurrency you own is simple. We do not store coins on our exchange at all. Instead, we deliver coins you buy directly to your own wallet. Alternatively, we can deliver a fresh personalised wallet to your secure email.

To further increase trust and transaction security, we also never allow Kiwis to buy or sell cryptocurrency with us until we are successful in verifying your identity. This means that you never have to worry about transactions not processing because we require more information.

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Zero Hidden Fees or Extra Charges

To establish further trust among our users, Easy Crypto never adds extra fees or hidden charges when you buy or sell cryptocurrency.

Often when buying or selling cryptocurrency, exchanges include extra fees just as transactions are about to complete. Easy Crypto never does this.

When you buy Bitcoin (or any other digital asset) with us, the price you see is always the price you pay. Likewise, when you sell cryptocurrency with us, the amount you see before finalising a sale is the amount we will deposit into your NZ bank account.

How to contact Easy Crypto NZ

24/7 Customer Support

As New Zealand’s leading cryptocurrency broker, your customer satisfaction is hugely important to us. However, we do realise that sometimes things can go wrong.

To maintain trust in our brokerage, we offer free 24/7 customer support to all users. This means that you can reach out to one of our team day or night to discuss transaction problems or concerns. When there is a problem, we’ll then remedy this as quickly as possible.

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Easy Crypto Makes Buying an Selling Bitcoin Easy

Because of our commitment to customer satisfaction, Easy Crypto is currently top-rated in New Zealand on both Facebook and Trustpilot. We also help all of our customers keep track of their crypto investment profits using our free to use cryptocurrency portfolio tracker.

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Are you looking for an easy, 100% safe way to invest in Bitcoin? If so, let us help. Sign up to Easy Crypto today, and find out for yourself why Kiwis consider us the best place to buy and sell Bitcoin in New Zealand.

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